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Ford F-350 Vs Ram 3500 in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Ford F350 in Sydney, Nova Scotia
Ford F350 vs Ram 3500

Details About Ford F350 Vs Ram 3500 in Sydney NS

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The Ford 350 and the Ram 3500 Overview

Ford F350 vs Ram 3500 in Sydney NS are heavy-duty consumer pickup trucks. The trucks excel both in engine capabilities and interior and exterior designs. With both offering a wide range of engine selections, you can choose between gas and diesel. That will give you more options while selecting different levels of torque, horsepower, or fuel consumption.

These super duty trucks have active-safety features you see in passenger cars, such as adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitors as optional equipment. The F-350 and Ram3500 come in either a two-or four-while drive. They have different cap configurations like the regular, crew, and super configurations.

Comparisons between the Ford 350 and the Ram 3500

Let's begin with power and handling capabilities. As stated earlier, the Ram has the option of gas or diesel power with the gas engine's capacity as 6.4litre v-8 producing 429 lb-ft of torque and 410 hp. The machine operates with 8-speed automatic transmission. The diesel engine has a total of 6.7 litres with a six-speed in two conditions of tune. The standard state tune generates 850 lb-ft of torque and370 hp whereas the output generates 1000 lb-ft of torque and 400 hp.

On the other hand, Ford has a 7.3L gas and a 6.7 l ford f350 diesel engine. The gas engine generates 475 lb-ft of torque and 430 hp. In contrast, the 6.7L diesel engine generates a mind-blowing 1050lb of torque and 475 horsepower. The Ram 3500 has a similar turning radius to the Ford F-350, meaning both will maneuver easily in and out of difficult and tight spots.

The two trucks' safety aspects will help you drive by the streets safely and help you control huge loads precisely. The Ford co-pilot 360 is on all Ford trucks at XLT trim and beyond. The co-pilot 360 includes a pre-Collison assist, automatic emergency braking, auto- high beams, and lane-keep assist. The safety technology in the Ram 3500 has similar driver-assist features, including a rear cross-traffic alert.

Both trucks feature outstanding technological features like basic touchscreen infotainment, satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. We can't forget to mention the integrated navigation feature, a 10-speaker system in the standard version, and a 17-speaker setup available on premium higher trim versions of the Ram 3500. The basic trims of the F-350 have a 4.2-inch screen with a gauge cluster display to control basic vehicle features. The F-350 high end trims also have an 8.0-inch gauge cluster display. There is also a 100-volt outlet, additional USB charge ports, and a wireless device charger, depending on the F-350 trim.

Ford F-350 Exterior

2021 Ford F-350 Exterior

Ford F-350 Interior

Ford F-350 Interior

Exterior and Interior Design Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the Ford F-350 comes in different trims; the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and the Limited editions. The Latest, Limited frame has 20-inch alloy wheels, two-tone leather seats, panoramic moon roof, and speed-adaptive steering. The F-350 also has premium LED headlights and power-folding running boards.

The Ram 3500 has an electronic frame-mounted active interior noise cancellation system. The 2020 version has accents made from Aluminium and real wood and 100% leather seats. There are exclusive reclining seats, 43-inch rear-seat legroom, and 8-inch storage space behind the rear seat in the Ram 3500 Mega cab model.

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Ford F-350 Inventory In Sydney, Nova Scotia